What We Need

 For Newborns:

  • Blankets 30"x30" up to 36"x36"

  • Or rectangular 30"x33" up to 36"X40"

  • Hats size 11" or 12" around

  • Sweater Sets

  • Going Home Outfits

 For Preemies:

  • Blankets 18"x18" up to 26"x26".
  •  18"x20" is a good size for rectangular blankets
  • Hats: 
  • Knit hats: 10"-11"
  • Crochet hats: 11"

  • Sweaters (used when they are sent home) and Going home outfits. The nurses have said that they don't need actual preemie sizes for this purpose since the babies are a little larger when they are sent home. Preemies in the NICU are not dressed.

  • Burial Garments in all sizes.
  • Booties, used to help keep monitors on heels and regulate temperature readings,  nothing too fancy, no ties or ribbons.

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